Jewish Studies Minor | Religious Studies

Jewish Studies Minor

Unknown Author. Moses found in the river. Fresco from Dura Europos synagogue.

Program Requirements

Minimum of 15 credit hours at the 200-level or above.

Core Requirements (6 credit hours)

  • REL 215 Judaism
  • HIS 392 The Holocaust: History and Meaning*
    or REL 202 Hebrew Bible

Electives**  (9 credit hours)

Select 9 credits from the list below: ¹

  • REL 240 Modern Judaism
  • REL 241 Jewish Bioethics
  • REL 242 Jews, Bodies, Race
  • REL 305 Religions of the Greco-Roman World
  • REL 311 Topics in Biblical Studies
  • REL 312 Judaism and the Construction of Gender
  • REL 313 Topics in Ancient Judaism
  • REL 340 Modern Jewish Thinkers
  • REL 341 Topics in Jewish Thought

* Can count towards electives requirements if not used to meet core.
** The following special topics may be substituted with approval by the Director of Jewish Studies when the topic contains Jewish Studies material: HIS 208, HIS 209, HIS 346, (HIS 390 when taught by Alexander Eger in Israel; offered Summer I and II), and CST 460.
¹ Hebrew language courses from other institutions may be substituted as approved by the Director of Jewish Studies

Affiliated Faculty

Ellen Haskell (Director)

A. Asa Eger

Derek Krueger 

Anne E. Parsons

Roy Schwartzman

Teresa Walch