Levinson Lectures | Religious Studies

Levinson Lectures



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Heidi Campbell

Professor of Communication and Religious Studies, Texas A&M University




Linda Gradstein

Professor of Journalism at NYU-Tel Aviv and Hebrew University



Anne E. Parsons

Author of From Asylum to Prison
Director and Associate Professor of Public History at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Adam Carlin
Director of Learning & Engagement at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY and co-Director of the Greensboro Contemporary Jewish Museum

The Future of the Hybrid Synagogue: Considering the Challenges and Opportunities Created by Technology for Jewish Congregations in a Post-Pandemic Era




Women in Israeli Society: The Army, the Rabbis, and Me







Remembering Resistance:
A Jewish Uprising in Ukraine


Andrew Marantz

Author of the New York Times
Notable book Antisocial

Antisocial Media:
Antisemitism and Combating
Religious Hate Online


Marcie Cohen Ferris

Professor of American Studies at the
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The Jewish South: Race, Place, &
Religion in an American Region


Sarah Imhoff

Assistant Professor in the
Department of Religious Studies &
the Borns Jewish Studies Program
at Indiana University

Jewish Men Past and Present:
Sexuality and Stereotypes


Susan Niditch

Samuel Green Professor of
Religion at Amherst College

Proclaim Peace:
War in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond


 Amy-Jill Levine

University Professor of New Testament &
Jewish Studies, Mary Jane Werthan
Professor of Jewish Studies &
Professor of New Testament Studies
at Vanderbilt University

Jesus’ Parables as Jewish Stories


Jarrod Tanny

Associate Professor of History
& the Charles Hannah Block
Distinguished Scholar
in Jewish History at the
University of North Carolina

From the Borscht Belt to the Bnei Mississippi:
Jewish Humor in Dixieland

2014 Martin Kavka

Professor of Religion at
Florida State University

Letting God in to the Public Sphere:
On the Politics of Covenant