Pre-Divinity Track | Religious Studies

Pre-Divinity Track

We provide academic training for those interested in a career in a religious vocation. Prepare for graduate study in a professional divinity school and explore career paths in a religious tradition.

This track can be completed entirely online in 7-week concentrated courses that you can do on your own time. To learn more contact David McDuffie.


Coursework Offerings in the Following Areas:

-History and Thought of Major World Religious Traditions

-Comparative Religions: Interreligious Dialogue between Various World Religious Traditions

-Hermeneutics of Sacred Text

-Study of Sacred Languages (Hebrew, Greek, Arabic)

-Exploration of Career Paths for Religious Vocations

-Interaction of Religion and Contemporary Culture (Science, Environment, Public Health, Politics, Addiction and Recovery)


Required Courses in the Following Areas:

-History of a Religious Tradition

-Exploration of Religious Vocations

-Public Speaking in a Religious Context


Future Employment Opportunities include but are not limited to the following:


-Hospital Chaplains

-Military Chaplains

-College Chaplains

-Religious Educators

-Non-ordained Ministry (e.g., youth leaders, community organizers)