Course Offerings | Religious Studies

Course Offerings

Holiday blessing (Kiddush for Yom Tov) from a Passover Haggadah. Detail from a folio showing the Yom Tov Bracha (holiday blessing). Vellum manuscript.

REL 202 Hebrew Bible

REL 215 Judaism

REL 240 Modern Judaism

REL 241 Jewish Bioethics

REL 242 Jews, Bodies, Race

REL 311 Topics in Biblical Studies: Jews and Christians

REL 312 Judaism and the Construction of Gender

REL 313 Studies in Ancient Judaism

REL 325 Contemporary American Jewish Thought

REL 340 Modern Jewish Thinkers

REL 341 Topics in Jewish Thought: Modern Jewish Ethics

REL 341 Topics in Jewish Thought: Kabbalah

(REL 341 may be repeated for credit when the topic varies)

Please note that not every course is offered each semester.

Papercut, early 20th century, made in Poland


Course Offerings in Other Departments

HIS 392 The Holocaust: History and Meaning

Versions of the following courses contain Jewish Studies
material; check with individual professors before scheduling

HIS 208 Topics on the West and the Modern World

HIS 209 Topics in Modern World History

HIS 346 Topics in Historical Memory

HIS 390 History Internship (when taught by A. Asa Eger in Israel; offered Summer I and II)

CST 460 Special Topics in Communication Research


Hebrew Language courses from other institutions may be approved for Jewish Studies Credit by the Director of Jewish Studies.