Alumni Spotlight | Religious Studies

Alumni Spotlight

LaShonda Sousa

LaShonda Sousa

Class of 2023 What are you up to now? I serve as an AmeriCorps Lead for North Carolina Fellow at UNC […]

Sulaiman Kabia

Sulaiman Kabia

Islamic Studies graduate Sulaiman Kabia, serves as a Special Projects Officer in the Army Reserves and was recently accepted into the Master […]

Rev. Dr. Kyle Goodman

Rev. Dr. Kyle Goodman is the lead pastor of Alamance Presbyterian Church in Greensboro. A native of Eden, NC, Kyle […]

Juanita Webb

Juanita Webb a former major, has accepted an offer from the University of York in England for an MA In […]

Dr. Michael A. Long

Dr. Michael A. Long is a ‘08 graduate of UNCG. He currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Formation at […]

David L. Carter

Carter was a student of Religious Studies in the 1990s at UNCG. He has recently published The Rat Reverend Clancy […]

Lillian Penny Carden

I was interested in so many different things, and I loved learning about many different kinds of people and their beliefs. I also really enjoyed the history aspect of Religious Studies – learning why wars were started, who wrote which parts of the Bible, and how/when different religions developed.

Eileen Slade

It was in a Religious Studies class (Myth and Theory) that I first started seriously considering hegemonic structures in my culture, which has been incredibly important in my work as an educator and now as a social worker. It was also in Religious Studies that I started to understand that human beings are storytellers, that we’re always creating narratives in an attempt to make meaning of things that happen around us and inside of us. As a social worker, I’m really interested in those narratives on a micro level (as revealed in a therapeutic context) as well as a macro level (in our culture, in our social constructs and subsequent provision of certain services).

Pamela Crosson “Nego”

After earning my BA in Religious Studies I went to Mexico for 3 months to travel and study Spanish. Upon returning to Greensboro I volunteered with Americorps teaching English to adult immigrant women from all over the world. This led to many more ESOL teaching jobs. Now as an RN I am grateful for all the experience.

Tonisha Lashley

I am considering continuing my education in the study of Religion. It is something that intrigues me, exercises my brain, and I never get tired of studying. So why stop?