Henry Levinson

Henry Levinson


Ph.D., Princeton University

Areas of Academic Interest:

  • 17th-18th century British and American thinkers, leaders, and citizens
  • Revolutionary War and Constitutional issues related to religion
  • 19th century American transcendentalist thinkers
  • 20th century pragmatist thinkers
  • Jewish thinkers and life
  • Franz Rosenzweig

Personal Statement:

J.L. Austin once said: You can make a positive out of two negatives, but not a negative out of two positives.

But Sydney Morganbesser just replied: Yeah, yeah.

I chimed in: Hey Y’all!

Recent Publications:

  • Spring 03 Journal of Religious Ethics. 32.1 “Let Us Be Saints if We Can”: A Reflection on Stanley Hauerwas’s WITH THE GRAIN OF THE UNIVERSE.
  • Aug 04 TRANSACTIONS OF THE C.S. PEIRCE SOCIETY: “Democratic Actions in the Subjunctive Case: A Review Essay on Michael Magee’s EMANCIPATING PRAGMATISM (University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, 2004).



Current/Planned Reseach/Projects:

  • Invited essay, Nov 04, on “Paternity Suits: Beth Eddy’s RITES OF IDENTITY: THE RELIGIOUS NATURALISM OF KENNETH BURKE AND RALPH ELLISON (Princeton University Press: 2004).
  • Dr. Levinson is also working on a novel, AN AMERICAN JEWISH AMERICAN: A SATIRE IN THE FORM OF A PARODY, scheduled for completion 2007-2008.

Recent Courses Taught:

  • REL 131: Religion in America
  • REL 232: American Religious Thought: A Survey
  • REL 324: Philosophical Issues in Religion
  • REL 326: American Religious Thought I
  • REL 327: American Religious Thought II: The Romantic Tradition
  • REL 328: American Religious Thought III: The Pragmatic Tradition