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Symeon the Holy Fool: Leontius’s Life and the Late Antique City (1996)

Derek Kreuger This first English translation of Leontius of Neapolis’s Life of Symeon the Fool brings to life one of the most […]

Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth: Sacred Doctrine and the Natural Knowledge of God (1995)

Eugene Rogers Eugene F. Rogers, Jr., presents a challenge to contemporary Catholic thought and contributes to a paradigm shift in […]

Santayana, Pragmatism, and the Spiritual Life (1992)

Henry Levinson Henry Levinson offers a major reinterpretation of the Spanish-born American philosopher George Santayana (1863-1952), which highlights his relationship […]

The Religious Investigations of William James (1981)

Henry Levinson In this first detailed examination of <3>Varieties of Religious Experience<1>, Levinson locates James securely in the academic study […]

God’s Battle with the Monster: A Study in Biblical Imagery (1973)

Mary K. Wakeman