Mallory McComas

Mallory McComas


Posted on August 9, 2017

As a student, what drew you to the field of Religious Studies?

I have been interested in religions of the world since childhood. My early schooling built for me a worldview based entirely upon my own religious beliefs; it made me wonder about how the beliefs of others affect their lives because mine have always been the center of my life. Learning about the beliefs of others is a faith exercise for me- it stretches and grows my understanding of myself and my faith as well as provides a glimpse into how others think, believe, and live their lives.

How has your expertise in Religious Studies helped you define and reach your career and personal goals?

Religious Studies as a major was a treat- it was never intended to be a career-related field of study- but I would love to finish the program at UNCG and actually get my second Bachelor degree and then go to Bible school, focusing again more on my own spiritual beliefs in an academic setting. Choosing Religious Studies as my second major was an expansion of my dream of going to Bible college someday.

Can you recall any experience in Religious Studies that you found especially enlightening or challenging as a student?

Every class I took was enlightening and challenging. I enjoyed every single RS class I chose (or had) to take. I found taking classes on specific religions to be especially enlightening, especially Judaism, because it corrected some assumptions I had made about that particular belief system. Senior Seminar was also incredibly enlightening, as it introduced me to religious theory- completely different animal than that of a specific religion itself.

What are your favorite things about the UNCG Religious Studies Department?

The professors! They’re incredible, each one of them. And the courses themselves- they are all so interesting, I wanted to take every single one.

Have you stayed in touch with any of the professors or faculty in the UNCG Religious Studies Department?

I am ‘friends’ with a couple of them on facebook, but we don’t directly communicate regularly. I wish we did!

Since graduating from UNCG, what have you accomplished in your career or studies?

Further studies have been put on hold for the moment- still paying for the first years of study- but I am now at a job that pays for higher education, so I am looking into finishing my Religious Studies degree via transfer credits. My current job has nothing to do with my major- Child Development- but I have been employed with two daycares since I have graduated and moved to Texas; these days I have built my own little babysitting empire and keep to my child development roots that way.

What are your long-term goals?

I am right in the middle of figuring that out. Before I graduated I would have been able to answer definitively… now I’m in a transition period and I just have to see where it takes me.

As a graduate, would you recommend pursuing an academic interest in Religious Studies?

I think Religious Studies is excellent for personal growth and exploration and a great means of learning how to understand others. I would recommend Religious Studies to anyone. It is my favorite department at UNCG and was the source of all of my favorite courses while in attendance. The professors are the best, the subject is fascinating, and the courses are fun and challenging.