Religious Studies Concentration in Nonprofit Management | Religious Studies

Religious Studies Concentration in Nonprofit Management


Interested in a career in nonprofit management? Religious Studies can help!

The Religious Studies Concentration in Nonprofit Management prepares students for entrylevel positions in nonprofit agencies, including positions in faith-based organizations, human service agencies, foundations, or professional associations. Learn about the history and development of the nonprofit sector in the U.S. Gain skills in analyzing and evaluating the roles of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and the sector in the public policy process and in advocacy. Acquire practical knowledge about the creation, operation and structure of nonprofit agencies, with attention to faith-based organizations. And receive hands-on experience by taking part in an internship at a nonprofit of your choice, where you will build skills, create professional connections, and explore career options.

Requirements (15 hours total):

  • PSC 311: The Nonprofit Sector and Governance
  • PSC 440: Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • REL 420: Internship in Religious Studies (complete an internship with a local nonprofit)
  • One additional Religious Studies class approved by department head
  • Choose three of these one-credit online skills courses:
    • PSC 411B: Marketing for Public and Nonprofit Agencies
    • PSC 411D: Strategic Planning
    • PSC 411G: Grant Writing
    • PSC 411N: Nonprofit Law
    • PSC 411V: Volunteer Management

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