Tonisha Lashley

Tonisha Lashley

Posted on August 9, 2017

What drew you to pursue Religious Studies as an academic interest?

Well for one I couldn’t stay away from it. I was a Biology major to begin with and wanted to take a Religious Studies class to fulfill my post-modern history requirement. One class was by far enough; I couldn’t stop taking classes there. I already had a great interest in people, especially their religions and in what ways it shaped them. So naturally, I changed my major to Religion.

How does the study of religion compliment your personal and academic goals?

One of my greatest fears coming into college was writing. This is a fear quickly addressed in Religious Studies; there has not been one class where I have not been required to write a paper. I learned to become a better writer because of my major. One of my papers was even admitted into the Honors Symposium. I also feel I have become more personable and understanding while studying Religion. Religion has been a tool in helping me figure out how I think, why I think that way, and how to be aware of it when it comes to interacting with other people.

What do you plan to do after graduation? 

I am considering continuing my education in the study of Religion. It is something that intrigues me, exercises my brain, and I never get tired of studying. So why stop?

What are your favorite things about the UNCG Religious Studies Department?

The professors!! I am so proud of our department and the great instructors we have to facilitate it. I brag constantly to friends in other majors and most of them have ended up taking a course in Religion and even picking it up as a minor because of it. Our professors are passionate and love what they do. And they are good at doing it! I hate missing class for this reason.

Name an interesting thing you learned in a Religious Studies course?

Amongst the many interesting things I have learned in courses, one thing is: I learned how studying religion is like acquiring a tool box. Within that tool box is different gadgets and apparatuses you can pull out whenever you need. It is also equipped with different lenses that all see the World differently.

What’s great about this is that it allows me to take off my own lens and put on another and see what another sees.