David L. Carter

David L. Carter

Posted on November 16, 2021

Carter was a student of Religious Studies in the 1990s at UNCG. He has recently published
The Rat Reverend Clancy and the Seven Sacraments, a story about a sweet-natured, guileless rat named Clancy, who lives in the cellar of a church, experiences, in a numinous vision, the ‘call’ to begin a church of his own! Carter says in some ways, the book addresses the preoccupations that led him to Religious Studies Department in the first place.


Praise for his work: 

“In his short novel “The Rat Reverend Clancy & the Seven Sacraments,” David Carter not only adheres to that middle line but dances gleefully along it. Using a playful yet perceptive alchemy, he manages to make us pay attention to what the characters have to say while never forgetting what they are (or are not). That’s not easy to accomplish. Moreover, he takes this tale even further, making it a clever examination of religion.” —Darrell Laurant, author of The Kudzu Kid


More About the Author:

David L. Carter holds degrees in Theology, English Literature, and Library Science. He lives in North Carolina and has published in Cities and Roads and The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling.


*Image provided by Author, David L. Carter