Angela Chavis

Angela Chavis

Posted on August 9, 2017

What drew you to pursue Religious Studies as an academic interest?

I have always been interested in world religions and how they relate to diverse populations of people. Essentially, our world is evolving. The impact of globalization and commercialization coupled with trying economic times has altered what used to be a linear roadmap for sound and purposeful living. I believe it is important to understand the world we live in, as well as, those surrounding us in order to best navigate challenges in life successfully.

How does the study of religion compliment your personal and academic goals?

I have been a community outreach worker since 2000. As such, I encounter many people from diverse backgrounds and faiths. The study of religion has helped me to critically think about different world-views with a more philosophical-based and analytical approach.

What do you plan to do after graduation? 

I will be attending Wake Forest University School of Divinity in Fall 2013 pursuing a Masters Degree of Divinity.

What are your favorite things about the UNCG Religious Studies Department?

Wow! This is a tough question because there are far too many items to list here! First and foremost, I believe the staff and professors truly care regarding the academic success of the students. Next, Ms. Pat Bowden is a jewel! She keeps the department organized and running efficiently. Finally, the students! Because the Religious Studies Department is currently a small group, it seems like an extended family.

Name an interesting thing you learned in a Religious Studies course?

Since I have taken a multitude of Religious Studies courses, I really enjoyed learning about other religions that are different from my own. ie. Judaism and Islam.

What would you recommend to your friends about taking religious studies courses?