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Susan McCallister Di Biase

"I earned an MSN as a family nurse practitioner and taught clinical nursing and nursing ethics for 11 years.  My husband Carmine teaches English at the same university.  Last spring I earned an MTS in theology from Spring Hill College in Mobile .  I enjoyed working on the degree very much.  I am now teaching private cello lessons and spending more time making a home for us.  I remember my studies at UNC-G with warmth and gratitude."

You can reach Susan at: susandibiase@yahoo.com
(Mar. 2005)



Robert  Charles Conklin

"I married Christina Phipps at the First Presbyterian Church in Rock Island, Illinois on November 12, 2005."

You can reach Robert at: bobconklin@mchsi.com
(May 2006)



Pamela ( Elam ) Bradford

"I'm in Edinburgh , Scotland with my husband who is pursuing his dream of getting an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the Edinburgh College of Art. After (foolishly?) pursuing an MDiv at Union in NYC and deciding that I don't like being a Social Worker, I have taken on the new task of studying for the LSAT. Meanwhile, I'm happy to have lunch with any comrades coming through Edinburgh!"

You can reach Pamela at: pambradford333@aol.com
(Mar. 2005)

Matthew McKinnon

"After graduating from UNCG I completed a MA in Religion at Yale Divinity School, and am currently waiting to defend my dissertation at Marquette University in Theology and Society.  I have spent the past year lecturing at UNCG and preparing my dissertation for publication."

You can reach Matthew at: mjmckinn@uncg.edu
(Feb. 2005)

Bridget Rasmussen

"I graduated from a UNCCH with a BS in nursing in August 2005, but I have only recently started work because our first child was born in early October.  Ou daughter, Carson Ruth, is amazing - she teaches me something new every day!"

You can reach Bidget at: gregandbridget@nc.rr.com
(Feb. 2005)

Jeff Richey

"I teach Asian studies and religion at Berea College in south central Kentucky, where I live with my wife, Kelly Smith (UNCG '94), my son, Nathan (born 2001), and our cat, Abelard.  My research concerns topics in early Chinese thought such as the sociology of knowledge in texts such as the _Analects_ and the _Liezi_, as well as comparative work on cosmological and ethical thought in ancient Rome and early China.  You can read more at:


 I'm sorry that I can't attend the 2005 reunion, but I hope to attend future gatherings (especially if notice is given further in advance)." 

You can reach Jeff at: Jeffrey_Richey@berea.edu
(Feb. 2005)



Jeff Mortimore

"After graduating in spring 1998, I completed an M.T.S. at Harvard Divinity School in 2002, and returned to Greensboro to be closer to family and begin an MLIS at UNCG. I am currently working and teaching for the Religious Studies Department, taking freelance work developing web pages, and should be done with the MLIS this December. Mandy Wall (my companion of 14 years) and I married in 1999, and bought a house last year. I hope to land a position in an academic or public library, and squeeze some teaching and writing in on the side."

Visit Jeff's website at: www.flyingperfect.com 
You can reach Jeff at: jeffmortimore@msn.com
(Feb. 2005)



Catherine YE Knott

"Finishing my last semester at Princeton Theological Seminary, shortly to move to Chicago with the new husband so that he can begin doctoral studies in Ethics over at Northwestern... Meanwhile, I'm trying to convince myself that employment as a pastor won't be so bad... the subsidized student living is hard to pass up. So are all of the graduate seminars. But come to think of it, money will be nice, too. My ordination in the PCUSA is fastly approaching, and who knows, I could be someone's associate pastor, hospital chaplain, or possibly the person in the local coffeeshop who keeps reading Barth's Doctrine of Creation to passerby."

You can reach Catherine at: catherine.evans@ptsem.edu
(Feb. 2005)


Rohit Singh

"I graduated from the Department of Religious Studies in spring 2003. The last two years have been a fantastic time of professional development and self-discovery. I have been pursuing an MLIS from the UNCG Department of Library and Information Studies. During my course of study, I have taken a variety of interesting and stimulating courses dealing with topics such as intellectual freedom,  research methods, virtual communities, and web design and usability to name a few. The faculty, staff, and students in the LIS department have been extremely supportive of my interests and goals.

Fortunately, I have been able to remain active in the Religious Studies Department. I enjoy attending Religious Studies Club meetings on a regular basis and helping plan alumni events. My daily conversations with Pat are always something to look forward to. I also have sat in on a few religious studies classes. Last semester I had the privilege of studying Classical Tibetan with Professor Bill Gorvine.

My LIS research and religious studies background inspired me to travel Dharmsala, India. While there I did a case study of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives and attended courses on Buddhist Philosophy. I also embarked on some travels through India, visiting places such as New Delhi, Manali, Ladakh, and Varanasi. Each of these regions was unique and extremely beautiful. I found it fascinating to observe local practices and customs. Conversing with locals and tourists was always a pleasure (even when I was being harassed by greedy peddlers).

In the future I plan to become an ethnographer with a focus on Tibetan and Himalayan traditions. I will graduate from the LIS program in May and will work in academic library for a year or two. During this time, I will apply to a variety of doctorial programs in religious studies.”

You can reach Rohit at: rohitizm@hotmail.com
(Feb. 2005)



Christopher Newsom

Since graduating I have become an internet entrepreneur and have built several online businesses. I have a web development business, but focus primarily on running my two ecommerce stores. My stores are www.cozyandworn.com and www.realuglychristmassweaters.com. The stores are in two wildly different niches, but the variety keeps things more interesting and challenging.

You can reach Christopher at: chris@cozyandworn.com
(Nov. 2014)

Caroline Ring

"I'm working at a small, start-up biomedical science company in Greensboro until the end of August.  Then, it's off to Duke to start my Ph.D in biomedical engineering!

The combination of my religious studies work with my science work still leads me to think a lot about what science is, means, and does -- and HOW it is, means, and does, especially at its intersections with American popular religion (both Christian and Pagan popular religion).  For now I'm keeping these thoughts simmering while I learn to practice science and be a scientist.  I think there may be a book in there eventually..."

You can reach Caroline at: caroline.ring@gmail.com
(Jun. 2005)



Kyle Caudle

"After graduation, my wife and I packed our car and set out to see America. We camped in almost every National Park. Along the way we read Invisible Man, 1984, East of Eden, and Democracy Matters. I recently joined the staff at First Baptist Church in Winston-Salem as Associate Minister to Students and am living in downtown Winston. A short walk to work, I contemplate Thoreau's "Walking" quite often."

You can reach Kyle at: kcaudle@fbcw-s.org
(Jan. 2006)



Lily Carden

Lily Carden has recently been accepted to the Library and Information Studies program at UNCG. As an undergraduate at UNCG, Lily earned majors in both Religious Studies and Philosophy and earned disciplinary honors in Religious Studies through the Lloyd International Honors College. She was an active participant in activities within the department, including serving as secretary of the Religious Studies Club and joint president of the Theta Alpha Kappa honor society.  She has been awarded a scholarship towards her master’s degree as well as a graduate assistantship working in the Library and Information Studies research lab.  She is very excited to be returning to the university for her graduate degree!


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